About the Child Safety Handbook

The ‘Child Safety Handbook’ is compiled, produced and distributed by the QLD Police Legacy with forewords by the Commissioner of Police, Premier & Minister for Police. In keeping with the focus of caring for children and families, QLD Police Legacy are producing the ‘Child Safety Handbook’ as a much needed and vital resource guide for children, parents and teachers.

QLD Police Legacy have targeted seven strategic areas in Queensland and are distributing free of charge, 10,000 copies of the handbook into each area for local primary school children to take home to their parents. The handbook is a quality A5 publication with colour covers, perfect bound and approximately 120 pages.

The goal of the campaign is to reach family homes and parents, raising awareness of child safety issues: from child-proofing the home and traffic safety, to how to respond to strangers, bullying at school and drug and alcohol abuse. In addition each area handbook contains emergency phone numbers, specific to the local area, for children to use if they are home alone, feel threatened, hurt themselves or are in danger etc.

For active curious children there is always the risk of unforeseen danger. Police officers deal daily with the tragic results of accidents. This handbook outlines positive steps towards prevention measures.

In each of the five areas businesses are being asked to sponsor the ‘Child Safety Handbook’ in their local district to help raise funds to ensure the campaign’s success. The credentials of such callers can be checked, if wished, by contacting QLD Police Legacy Head Office on (07) 3236 2276.

For further information please contact our campaign office on (07) 3229 7325.