A message from the Premier

Steven Miles, MP & Premier Qld 

The Queensland Government believes all children deserve to have the best start in life, and this includes receiving the right support, advice and encouragement.

A great start can lead to a fulfilling future, so it is important for children to get on the right path to achieve their goals – and to stay there.

They should be encouraged to learn about making good choices and engaging in a positive way with their family and caregivers, and their friends and peers, whether they are at home, at school, or out with their mates.

We all have a responsibility to ensure our children are heading in the right direction and that they have opportunities to unlock their potential and fulfil their dreams.

They need the space to grow, nurture their curiosity, learn how to respond to life’s challenges, and to develop independence in a secure environment, while staying safe and healthy.

The Queensland Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook is a valuable support to help guide young people through their formative years as they grow up to take their place in the world.

This is a handbook for life, and I hope Queensland’s adolescents, parents and caregivers take on board the tips and advice, so our children enjoy a healthy, happy and successful future.

A message from the Police Commissioner

Steve Gollschewski, APM, Commissioner of Police

As the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service (QPS), I am incredibly proud to support the Queensland Police Legacy scheme which has helped hundreds of Queensland Police Officer’s families and children.

Working in the police service has great advantages in helping the community, however it also exposes police officers to great risks which can result in tragic outcomes. Since the inception in 1971, the Queensland Police Legacy scheme has provided support to 278 families and 497 dependent legatee children of deceased police officers. This incredible scheme provides children of a deceased officer the support and access to education and training the parent has intended.

I acknowledge the great education within this Child Safety Handbook. It is an extension of the education police share with the community to prevent harm and promote safety. This proactive measure helps build positive behaviours in children, while helping to promote the great support the scheme provides policing families.

I encourage everyone to support the Queensland Police Legacy for their unwavering commitment and dedication to police officers, and the beacon of hope and support they provide to policing families.

A message from the Manager of Queensland Police Legacy

Andrew Gough

As a former police officer, and as a parent, I know how important it is to protect our children from dangers. We all know accidents can happen but it is essential for parents to educate children on how to avoid risks and seek help in emergencies.

I believe times are changing and children today are now facing new risks, particularly online.

Children need to be educated how to keep safe when using the Internet for social networking and just as importantly the correct use of mobile phones and how to avoid pitfalls using particular Apps and other smart phone services.

As children grow older they fight for their independence and freedom so it is important to know they are prepared. To keep children safe parents and guardians should educate them with this child safety handbook. This is a great resource which gives practical advice and tips on how to stay safe during childhood and adolescent years.

Queensland police aim to reduce crime on the streets but families need to work together to reduce harmful situations within the home. Whether it’s protecting your skin from skin cancer, knowing what to do when you’re home alone or how to deal with bullying, children should be educated about safety.

It is important that our youth understand how to avoid the potential dangers they may face at home, at school, on the Internet and on the streets.