A message from the Premier

Annastacia Palaszczuk, MP & Premier Qld 

The Queensland Government is committed to supporting parents in every way we can. Many of our departments are involved in helping young Queenslanders stay healthy, active, engaged in their communities and away from trouble and harm.

Their wellbeing is at the heart of our education, law and order, sporting, health, community and child safety initiatives.

The responsibility of guiding young people through their formative and teenage years is a responsibility we all share. The Queensalnd Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook is a fantastic ‘go to’ resource for parents, carers and young people. It covers everything from nutrition and bullying to drug awareness, internet dangers and basic first aid.

I high recommend this informative guide to you. It will help you to assist your child to navigate the ups and downs of adolescence and steer them towards a long and healthy future.

A message from the Police Commissioner

Katarina Carroll, APM, Commissioner of Police  

The Queensland Police Legacy Scheme is an important charity group to many in the Queensland Police Family. The Scheme has been providing invaluable support to the families of deceased Queensland Police Officers for 48 years with the focus on meeting the educational expenses of dependant legatee children.

The Queensland Police Legacy Scheme shares the Queensland Government and Queensland Police Service priorities of giving all our children a great start and keeping our communities and children safe. In producing the Child Safety Handbook, Queensland Police Legacy demonstrate their commitment to these priorities and make us mindful that all children are vulnerable and we all share in the responsibility of keeping them safe.
The book is comprehensive and covers numerous child safety issues, imparting clear advice and guidance for both children and parents. I know that throughout my career, particularly during periods of disaster, people look to me for security and safety and I take that responsibility seriously.

In providing children with this handbook they will have access to a resource that will give them that same important place to turn in times of need and providing confidence that they can cope with the challenges they may face.

I encourage children and parents to read and use this handbook together, ensuring they are confident and educated enough to keep safe and get themselves out of trouble if they need to. By providing children with the kind of support, knowledge and skills they need, we will maximise their chances of getting a great start, flourishing and making their own contribution to the rich diversity of Queensland.

A message from the Manager of Queensland Police Legacy

Andrew Gough

As a former police officer, and as a parent, I know how important it is to protect our children from dangers. We all know accidents can happen but it is essential for parents to educate children on how to avoid risks and seek help in emergencies.

I believe times are changing and children today are now facing new risks, particularly online.

Children need to be educated how to keep safe when using the Internet for social networking and just as importantly the correct use of mobile phones and how to avoid pitfalls using particular Apps and other smart phone services.

As children grow older they fight for their independence and freedom so it is important to know they are prepared. To keep children safe parents and guardians should educate them with this child safety handbook. This is a great resource which gives practical advice and tips on how to stay safe during childhood and adolescent years.

Queensland police aim to reduce crime on the streets but families need to work together to reduce harmful situations within the home. Whether it’s protecting your skin from skin cancer, knowing what to do when you’re home alone or how to deal with bullying, children should be educated about safety.

It is important that our youth understand how to avoid the potential dangers they may face at home, at school, on the Internet and on the streets.