About Us

  • Queensland Police Legacy is an independent charitable organisation, established in 1971, that raises money to help the families of deceased, terminally ill and single police officers.
  • In 1995, Queensland Police Legacy reacted to the need for more commonly available child safety information in Queensland by launching the Child Safety Handbook. For 20 years the Handbook has been regularly reviewed and updated and now is distributed – free of charge - to all senior primary school children in Queensland.
  • The editorial content of the Child Safety Handbook has been completely reviewed, updated and expanded and has been thoroughly checked by police, drug, education and relevant experts.

  • The Handbook has been accepted and acknowledged as an invaluable tool in the prevention of accidents and in providing judgment-free tips and advice about many of the topics young adolescents face at home, school and in their social lives.
  • The Handbook also helps parents and teachers by providing factual information to serve as the basis of objective discussions.
  • The Child Safety Handbook is endorsed by:
    - Queensland Premier Steven Miles
    - Queensland Police Legacy Manager Andrew Gough
    - Queensland Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski