Drug Awareness

For young people and their parents to help each other understand the problems posed by drugs in today’s social environment, it’s important everyone feels they can all discuss drugs without fear or embarrassment.

Your parents may be worried about starting a conversation about drugs – they don’t want to give you too much information and perhaps make you curious enough to try a particular drug, or they may be worried that their questions – even if they don’t suspect anything – may ruin the relationship they have with you.

Some young people don’t like to bring up the topic of drugs, because they feel that the reasons for their questions – whether due to curiosity, or perhaps concern about a group at school - may be misunderstood.

However, research shows that the majority of young people want to talk to an adult they trust about drugs. If you feel you can do that, it’s a good place to start in your attempts to find answers to your questions or concerns.

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