Why Sponsor the Child Safety Handbook

  • Handbook sponsors have their messages distributed to more than 10,000 adolescents, parents, teachers and community workers throughout their local community
  • Many householders find the information so useful that they value the Handbook as a “reference book” and keep it in an easily reached spot.
  • By sponsoring the Handbook, you play an important part in our efforts to ensure all young people in Queensland can access the tips and advice in the Handbook.
  • Your sponsorship will help educate children about many important issues including:
    • bullying/cyber-bullying
    • basic first aid
    • diet and nutrition
    • drug and alcohol use and abuse
    • internet safely
    • safety at home
  • The Child Safety Handbook aims to help young people in Queensland navigate many of the physical and emotional hurdles they experience in their everyday lives. By sponsoring the Handbook, you will be linking your message and brand to high quality, valuable information for young Queenslanders.