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Safety on farms

Farm machinery can cause accidents and deaths to adults and children of all ages. Many of the rules about being safe around farm machinery and equipment are the same as those relating to smaller items in your yard or shed – it’s just that these items are bigger:
  • Make sure your parents and other people on the farm store dangerous items in lockable sheds
  • Keep smaller items on shelves and in cupboards, in clearly labelled containers
  • Keep ladders out of the reach of children who may try and climb them, or use them to reach other items
  • Don’t leave the keys to farm machinery in the ignition
  • Don’t leave machinery switched on without an adult present
  • Teach smaller children where it’s safe to stand near the machinery and how best to attract the attention of adults using the equipment.
Sometimes accidents just happen, but other times they can be avoided by thinking ahead and taking action to eliminate potential hazards

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